Purchase conditions

The processes involved in purchasing through our website are described below.


  1. User Registration.

The client registers by filling in his personal data and payment information in a form. You register and register in our system with an email address and a password determined by LR115 ALMAZARA RIOJANA S.L.

The sending of this data is carried out in a secure way using an advanced security system SSL (Secure Socket Layers).

These are some of the precautions that we advise our clients should take:

  1. Do not provide your user data or password
  2. Always use our SSL security system.
  3. Always disconnect the browser session after having accessed a security zone or having entered the user or password into the system.


  1. Shopping basket.

The customer is adding to his shopping cart those products / services he wishes to buy.


  1. Processing of the order.

Once the item selection process is completed, the order is confirmed, and the customer is required to identify himself, if he is previously registered, or otherwise he is asked to register.

This phase is carried out in a totally secure way as it is integrated into our secure server.


  1. Sending order confirmation.

ALMAZARA RIOJANA S.L. will send you an order confirmation by email.