All our olive trees are planted, using a modern and innovative system that improves both the way of cultivating and the harvesting system, in a 4 x 1.5 meter plantation frame, this plantation system is called super intensive.

Our olive groves are dry land, but in 100% of our farms we have localized irrigation that optimizes water resources, thus ensuring that we achieve regularity in both harvest and quality.

Respect for the environment is one of our main objectives, firmly betting on organic farming. In the management of the crop we take advantage of the pruning remains as organic fertilizer and supporting it by providing organic matter, we conserve and take care of the auxiliary flora and fauna thus facilitating a micro habitat for the species.




One of the most important moments for the production of extra virgin olive oils is knowing how to choose the optimum moment of maturation, which will mark the beginning of the olive harvest.

The harvest is done very early, mid-October, always depending on an optimal state of maturity, when the olive shows certain pigmentation or color change both on the outside and on the pulp.

The harvesting of our olive groves is mechanized, which reduces the time of the harvest, so that the olives arrive at the oil mill in a very short time for their transformation, thus the resulting oil preserves all the properties of the fruit.