In 1988 we carried out a test on a specific variety and a new way of cultivating, and we decided to experiment with this new system to find out how this type of cultivation adapted to our land.

After more than five years learning about it, we understood that it adapted in a very special way; Given the climatic and altitude circumstances typical of La Rioja, we obtained a lower amount of kilos per hectare than this same system in other regions, but with an olive juice resulting from the very unique harvest, with a higher aromatic load and higher beneficial contents for health.

After this pleasant experience and its result, we decided to bet seriously on this crop.

After 20 years of that initial test and with a greater knowledge about the cultivation in 2008 we decided to found Almazara Riojana, and dedicate it to the production of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil and for this we personally take care of the fruit from its production in our olive groves, until their collection, elaboration and distribution.

All these conditions favor our extra virgin olive oils to preserve to the maximum the aromatic and taste load, as well as their surplus contents already known to be beneficial for health.

As a result of this dedication and effort made, our oils obtain high ratings both in the national and international competitions to which we present ourselves, proof of this are the different recognitions that we have been obtaining over the years.


In La Rioja, in the municipalities of Aldeanueva de Ebro and Alfaro, between the Sierra de Yerga and the Ebro valley, we have developed the cultivation of our olive groves.

The olive groves are located from 250 to 700 meters of altitude in fertile soils, with a great variety of soils from clay-calcareous, to clay-silty.

We have a climate with a clear Mediterranean influence that rises through the valley, and a continental one that comes from the other side of the Iberian System, and from that mixture unique conditions arise for the development of the olive tree. Summers are short, hot, and dry and mostly clear, and winters are cold, windy, and partially cloudy. The north wind, together with our experience, helps us to grow healthy and balanced olives, harvest after harvest, with the privilege of having the possibility of optimal management together with hydric support, at the most sensitive moments of the olive tree’s vegetative cycle.

These characteristics are clearly reflected in our oils, giving them unique organoleptic characteristics.

The wild fauna that we can find is very rich and varied in native species typical of La Rioja.

In ancient times

Olive oil has been used since ancient times, since ancient civilizations already used it, proof of this is the great cultural legacy that has survived to this day about the olive tree, its cultivation, the way of making olive oil and all the healing properties attributed to it, since many ancient civilizations gave it the name of liquid gold.